I often listen to news on the radio when working in my studio. I found myself making patterns of marks; something I could do while in the studio listening to what is going on in the world around me. It was a way to cope. It occurred to me that I should start writing the words I was hearing. 
I experience trees as guardians and find great solace in the woods. I decided to create a forest environment. It seemed that I could give these words to the tree's image as a way to call on them; that they would know what to do, that they could somehow help.

video: ForTheTrees                           Review: Portland Museum Biennial    

An installation created for The Pingry School. Soil was dug from various locations on their campus and placed in clear boxes to see what plant life lies dormant as seeds, making the flora visible.

The Seed Bank
acrylic boxes, soil, tape, lights
62" x 48" x 54"

Time and Flux = The Garden 

12' diameter x 18"
landscape fabric, stone rubble, incidental vegetation

Human Activity - Draw a line on the water
Nature - Makes its mark

(collaboration wth Brad Whitermore)
wood, soil, grass, salt estuary
2 x 2 x 50 feet
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