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title: 11.12.58
year: 2011
size: 8 " x 7.5 "

ink and graphite on mylar

In 2003 I began drawing in such a way that it became clear to me I was marking time. I made scrolls, filled pages of sketchbooks and worked on small pieces of paper with marks in regular patterns creating an order of some kind. Two things seemed apparent to me
— technology has replaced my hand-written communication and I missed hand writing
— a feeling that I am waiting for something to happen

I like to note the dates of moments in time. When I buy a new book, the first thing I do is put that date in the front page. I have a system of titling my artwork that acts as a chronological record. Likewise, when I am in my studio "marking time" I date each piece, even if unused and put away in drawers.

This body of work evolved into collages from parts come out of these drawers. It is a continuing process, each part has it's date. When the collage is complete, I put a "time stamp" on it to finalize the span of time involved.