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title: Tide Line, collaboration with Brad Whitermore
year: 2004
size: 2’ x 2’ x 50’

wood, soil, grass, salt estuary

Tide Line
by Avy Claire and Brad Whitermore

Human Activity - Draw a line on the water
Nature - Makes its mark

A floating sculpture is composed of a series of 2' x 2' boxes tied together in a line. Boxes are planted with grass creating a 2' wide, 50' long line of grass that flows with the tide. It is placed in a channel of saltwater where the tide reverses. The grass line is anchored at one end and changes directions with the change of tide as well as being impacted by the wind.

This floating sculpture illustrates our human attempts to make our mark in nature. As we impose our straight line in Nature, the tide and wind rule our mark. The grass, a symbol of the domestic landscape eventually dies from sitting in the saltwater.