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title: Circle Garden
year: 2007
size: 12' diameter x 18"

landscape fabric, stone rubble, incidental vegetation

Site: Lawn, Blue Hill, ME

My concept for this work is to build a geometry specific to the site and available materials while allowing the changes to the site by the piece and changes to the piece by the site to become part of the process/work of art.

My initial desire for this piece was to create a hard geometry on the flat plane of vegetation. I chose a circle because the stones are angular and I want to experience the juxtaposition of these surfaces within the confines of a round shape.

The thoughts that follow this initial impulse have to do with time and flux in the garden. In many ways I feel I am creating my own archeology. The fabric and stones are killing off the lawn. I know I will move these stones and reseed the space with a single species of grass, thereby creating a shadow of one phase in this garden. Nature will degrade the hard line of differing gasses over time. I will continue plantings in the future that emerge from its shadow/ memory.

I notice some vegetation pushing through the fabric and gently filling available spaces between the stones. The stone killing the lawn and the plants pushing through — two opposing forces meeting — become another symbolic metaphor of the garden. Additionally, little things in the lawn begin to have contextual meanings. The tiny blooms of prunella are more visually present than in previous years; playing off the grey blue of the stone. A fallen leaf becomes an additional mark in this sculpture/garden.

The geometry is simple and relative to my interests in pattern. I organized the stone in groups of relative size, laying out subtle patterns. First a cross of larger stones along the cardinal points, then a series of concentric circles. Building the piece gives me many visual stages to experience that now become part of a memory from which I can draw on in the future.