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title: Desire Line, collaboration with Brad Whitermore
year: 2005
size: 60" x 60" x 36"

wood, soil, annual plants, pond, rifle scope

Desire Lines
by Avy Claire and Brad Whitermore
Within Eyeshot

"Desire Lines" offers an opportunity to explore our Culture’s relationship to nature. We have decided to convey our idea by means of a visual connection to an object of desire – a floating garden.  A sight line is drawn via the eye as directed through the cross-hairs of a riflescope on the shore of the pond.  This becomes a means for  perception and sensing a distant object that’s set floating in the water.  As one apprehends the garden, and makes conquest, its pattern and design become more apparent.  Plantings continue geometries of the float to give dimension to its unification with a line in space.