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title: BigWater installation for H2O on Film Exhibit at Newport Mill
year: 2009
size: 15' x 21' x 10'

dye sublimation on silk

I started this project after reading Maude Barlow’s the Blue Covenant.  It occurred to me that I could further empower the words in this book by incorporating them into an image of water.  Maude Barlow generously agreed to me using her text. This permission began a journey to find out more about water and the project evolved to the scale you see before you, with 600,000 words about water; including policies, economic issues and health.

Each image of water is broken into 4 panels. Hanging in the shape of a room, one can walk inside. The images are pixilated so that when close what is seen is the abstraction of the pixilated grid. It is then that one can read the words.

In addition to Maude Barlow's Blue Covenant published by The New Press, Wallace 'J' Nichols and Jennifer Greene have also lent their words to this project.

Sponsorship for the printing and fabrication of this project has been generously provided by Moss, Inc., “The Leader in Tension Fabric Displays”.